Together we help your company succeed with digital transformation

Practice Areas

Leading your projects

Agile project management.

Process Management

We review and improve your processes.

IT Development

We offer experienced Front End and Back End Developers from South East Europe.

Quality focus

We focus on quality in everything we do.

Founder of Lime Ant

Maja Erwinsdotter Anselmsson

Lime Ant is a small company located in the far south of Sweden. It is founded by me, Maja Erwinsdotter Anselmsson, PSM I and SAFe 4.6 SDP certified Project Manager with background in telecom, banking, pharmaceutical and furniture manufacturing industry. 

Experienced in Leading Service Transitions, Process Management and Business Analytics. 

I match your company with experienced IT developers, both front end and back end, from South-East Europe.  

Together we help your company succeed with digital transformation. We will be by your side to lead planning, development, implementation and support of new processes and IT solutions with focus on quality and cost efficiency. 

References from our Swedish customers can be given upon request. 

Contact Us

Lime Ant, Tallgatan 15, 247 36 SÖDRA SANDBY, SWEDEN

+47 736 00 00 98